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Egypt Long Life

Ross, "Pravda," that not only "the Bible," said the human spirit is immortal, every country on earth has the eternal legends. Archaeologists excavated the skeleton and the remains of life is far more than a possibility. However, the official scientific bodies found on the former Soviet Union ignored, Victor-trick of gold dug up a human bone, the result is staggering, the human life reached in 1500. Experts from Moscow Ivan - Philippine Lane Moningke that radioactive potassium reduces human life. In ancient times, the food radioactive potassium content is only now 1/179. by studying tree can confirm this trend. Birch radioactive compounds potassium content of 13.8%, with a life span of 250 years; pine radioactive compounds potassium content of 6.9%, with a life span of 600 years; Maple radioactive compounds potassium content of 3.2%, with a life span in 1200. Accordingly projections, floods during the previous life expectancy of up to 13,200 years old. Human life expectancy has dropped some other reason. People began to eat meat and barbecue food, increase tension, the human spirit is also waning. However, the modern human health would allow life from 70 years to 100 years old. Perhaps some time in human enable the human aging process to slow down, writer Arthur-Clark that will appear in 2090. People are still being studied for the revival through frozen, drowsiness and other methods to preserve the human body in the hope of coming to wake up. But these methods we will not be able to preserve the human body for millions of years. There is also a choice. Toad, snakes, crabs and other animals around the world have been found in rocks survive. In 1856, workers in a large stone found a prehistoric era, the bat When using explosives to attack a stone, the bat was still alive, screaming Fanning died after the wings. Pharaohs of ancient Egypt through with a large stone building of the pyramids to achieve "eternal life" dream. Does this mean that people who had incurable disease can survive in caves?